Her Waders

One of the first things my wife asked for was her waders so she did not have to use mine. Most men's waders are made bigger in the chest and have longer legs. My wife says she feels lost in mine and still wants to look good out on the water.

Like a rod, having your own gear makes it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. She was a real trooper when it came to picking a pair out. We made a plan to spend an entire evening at Bass Pro for her to try on waders. From there we would go out to dinner and make a night of it.

Three hours later we still did not have a pair for her. If they fit her in the waist then they were to small for her legs, calf and feet. We finally chose Simms Woman's Headwaters Stockingfoots. They still did not fit her foot right but a Simms dealer can contact the manufacture and have customization made.

Tips to Trying on Waders:

- Make sure you can move freely and they do not bind up anywhere.

- You should be able to crouch, stretch and kneel without discomfort.

- When looking for her waders you need to make sure they look good and function well.

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