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Fly Fishing With Kids

When you go fishing with kids it puts a whole new perspective on any fishing adventure. You have to become a guide, parent and friend all in one trip. When I take my son, wife or anybody who is new to the sport I make the trip all about them catching fish. With careful planning and the right gear you might just get a fishing partner for life.

The Right Gear

Kids Fishing Waders

The first trick to taking a kid fishing will be to keep them warm and dry.

When I took my son to the Blue river several years ago he was just happy being able to walk in the water. It was winter and there was still snow on the banks. About a mile away from the car I snagged my fly on a branch in the middle of the river. My son insisted he could get it and wanted to try. I saw how happy it made him when I said yes. I held the line up so he could grab it and follow it to the fly. He got the fly alright but on the way back he went to fast and fell, filling up the waders. That ended the trip for the day, but he still looks back on it fondly.

It made all the difference having him in his own waders. If you only go fishing with kids in the summer you might consider boots and wading socks. That way when they get to be 6'3" you are only replacing boots, not waders.

Kids Fishing Rods

When I first started taking my son fly fishing with me he was old enough to use one of my rods. Even at a young age he was one of the tallest in the class so the length of the rod was not much of an issue. I used bigger flies and had him cast using the water to load the rod. You can do this with a large dry fly and a nymph or with two nymphs and a strike indicator.

Kids and Fishing Stories

Do you have any good stories about fishing with your kids?

I know I have a few of my son and even some good ones of my wife.

What did you do to keep it interesting?

Where did you take them?

I know a lot of people would love to see some pictures. The kids and fishing stories page is all about the kids.

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