St Vrain River:
Lyons to Longmont

If you are a fly fisher then you know all about the St Vrain River (thanks to John Gierach) and if not you soon will.

The river has three forks which converge on Lyons forming the St Vrain River. The city of Lyons, Colorado is also known as "The Double Gateway to the Rockies" because the three forks of the St. Vrain converge within the town limits.

This summer Lyons recently designated the water within the city limits catch and release and with previous restorations projects this makes for some nice water in Bohn park. The town has a lot to offer with dining, a classic pinball arcade and summer concerts in Sandstone Park.

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The St Vrain river fly shops are both worth stopping by and checking out. The shop in Longmont has everything you will need for a day on the river and their staff really knows the area.

In Lyons is the shop of bamboo rod maker, Mike Clark, which has a great selection of cane rods to choose from and they sell flies from the famous tyer, A.K. Best.

North Fork

The North Fork of St Vrain Creek starts at Thunder Lake which is a 6.8 mile hike from the Wild Basin hiking area. Wild Basin is in Rocky Mountain National Park so the fee for automobiles is $20 and is valid for 7 consecutive days, including date of purchase. The best pass for the money is the Rocky Mountain National Park Annual Pass at $35, which provides unlimited entry to this park for one year from the date of purchase. You can get your passes at all Rocky Mountain National Park entrance stations or you can call 970-586-1438

Pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds: $10 per person, not to exceed $20 per vehicle and is valid for 7 consecutive days including date of purchase. There is parking by the ranger station but it is about two miles to the trailhead. Other creeks to check out are Cony Creek above Calypso Cascades and Ouzel Creek above Ouzel Falls.

Middle Fork

The Middle fork of the St Vrain Creek starts in the Roosevelt National Forest area along the St Vrain Glacier Trail which is about 6 miles past Camp Dick on a four wheel drive road. The river runs parallel to the road which makes for an easy hike with good access.

Camp Dick has 41 spaces and Peaceful Valley has 17 for reservations There is a $10 fee for day use and get here early as parking is limited.

South Fork

The South Fork of St Vrain Creek starts above Lake Isabelle flows through Long Lake and Brainard Lake. Brainard Lake drive is the road you can take outside of Ward to get you to this area. This is a popular area with the high mountain lakes accessible from the road. This is a good place to take the family for some light hiking and some small river fishing.