A Walk Up the Laramie River

From Chambers Lake to the
Wyoming Border

Chambers Lake, Colorado

The Laramie river starts on the north side of Chambers Lake which is off of highway 14, almost to the continental divide.

The river has good access but is small water from the lake to Lily pond over 8 miles down 103 road. The pond is on private land on the east side of the road so the only landmark you can see is Red's Place.

When I went up here to take the pictures the mosquito's were out in force and even with bug spray on I got a lot of bites. Make sure you have some heavy duty bug spray or long sleeves and waders.

Just after Red's Place is the the Rawah Trail that begins on the right side of the road and makes a 13.6 mile loop west and south through the Rawah Wilderness, ending with its intersection with the West Branch Trail. The sign for the ranch is hard to miss on the left side of the road.

Access is limited from the ranch trailhead until the road forks. Stay to the right to continue following the Laramie River but off to the left is Stub Creek.

I followed the creek for a bit and found some small beaver ponds with some small but eager fish in them. These were the only fish I caught up there do to the mosquito's continually driving me back to the car.

Just after the fork to the right is a bridge with a small campground and some good looking water. Make sure you bring boots with studs on them because the water was full of plant life clinging to every rock making the wading very slippery.

It is all open range and farmland until you reach the Hohnholz Lakes state wildlife area and the cows are roaming free. Keep your eyes open so you don't end your day early because the best fishing is yet to come.

The Hohnholz lakes area of the Laramie river is a wild trout water with flies and lures only. Of the three lakes in the area the third fishes the best and is also flies and lures only. The river was in the best shape in this are and the campgrounds are close to the river. This would be a great area to spend several day with lakes and streams both within easy reach.

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