Fishing Resources

I am always looking for good fishing resources and related websites. The following is a list of books, fly fishing podcast, DVD's, websites, fishing apps and anything else to do with fly fishing or the outdoors.


Dave's Sierra Fishing All the best fly fishing destinations in California's Sierra Nevada. If your going to be heading to Northern California or Yosemite, check out Dave's site.

This next site is from Florida. Shark Fishing

Welcome to "Naples Florida" offers Visitors the Paradise Coast Experience ,along with excitement and adventure found nowhere else. Swaying coconut palms and sweeping white-sand beaches only begin to tell the story. Come with me now, and let me help guide you in and around Naples Southwest Florida.

All About Fishing and Boats - Everything you need to know about fishing and boats by leading boat book author. I cover everything from fishing gear and fishing vacations and travel to charter yachts and charter travel destinations, fly fishing to fish recipes, from marine electronics to boat batteries and much more.

Asheville NC Trout Fishing - Read about NC trout fishing in the mountains near Asheville.

Bass Fishing Gurus is a comprehensive bass fishing site with tips, in-depth techniques, complete tackle including lures, weights, bobbers, hooks, reels and rods with lodge listings and fishing for kids. Over 500 pages of everything bass!

Hunt 2 Live, Live 2 Hunt
Check out this great resource for hunting and fishing.

The Mangler Fishing Lures - Cheap prices on crankbaits, spinners, swimbaits, jigs, poppers, spoons and other fishing tackle.

To find out why you should be excited about Fishing In Florida visit Review Your Orlando today!

Fishing in Cyprus
A guide to sea and reservoir fishing on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Fishing in Australia is all the rage and the many wonderfully diverse fishing destinations here will delight any angler.

north west fish

Fishing in Australia covers all states in the country and gives anglers an understanding and an insight into just what is available here.

Come Fishing in Australia because Australia is a huge country and you will never run out of great fishing hot spots to try out.

From the top of Queensland down to Tasmania and all the way across the east coast to the west coast and up to the top at Darwin, you will be able to find just what you want when you fish in any of our states.

Fly Fishing Crazy

FLY FISHING CRAZY - FLY FISHING Gear at CRAZY prices you can Believe. FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A.