Pink Fly Rod

When my wife found out about the pink fly rod by Elkhorn, her first question was "When do I get one?".

Elkhorn offers several options for the female angler:

Pink fly rod

Traveler Series:
The Traveler series is Elkhorn's most popular rod. It comes in a 4 piece design and is available in either a 4, 5 or 6 weight. I have 5 weight Travelers Series rod (not pink) that I love for more delicate presentations. It is a medium-fast action rod which allows me to slow down my casting and concentrate on my timing. For this reason, this rod will work better for a ladies casting style. Most women have more finesse then us men and better timing. This rod is also very light which is easier on the arm when fishing a short line or a long day on the river.

5x Series: Elkhorn fly rods
The 5x Series is a 5 piece 3 weight rod. The 8 foot long rod is perfect for taking my wife into Rocky Mountain National Park where the streams are narrow and tree-lined. This rod also fits good in a daypack because it breaks down into a 25" case. These rods come in pink, raspberry, purple and offer the Elkhorn lifetime warranty.

T Series Mid Arbor Fly Reel:

Elkhorn Fly Reels

Elkhorn offers the T Series Mid Arbor Fly Reel to compliment both the Travelers Series and the 5x Series rods. It features an over-sized, cork-on-Delrin, disk drag system which provides smooth braking. To further customize your new outfit, Elkhorn also has pink backing and pink fly line. I will never mistake her rod for one of mine, although it does cast really nice.

You can check out all the different options at

According to my wife, size AND color matter!

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