Fishing the North Platte River

Fishing the North Platte river in Colorado, as well as Wyoming, can be well worth the drive. The river is in the North Park area of Steamboat Springs at the confluence of the Grizzly and Little Grizzly creeks.

Fishing Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile North Platte River are two of the best fishing experiences Northern Colorado has to offer, even thought they are in Wyoming. A Fort Collins fly shop ,St. Peter's, offers guide services into these areas.

If you put in with a drift boat you will need to have a wyoming and Colorado fishing license. If don't have your own drift boat you might consider one of the many designs of inflatable fishing boats that will enhance your fly fishing experience. Check out My Inflatable Boat for some great info and advice on fishing inflatables.

A good place to start your trip is at the Brownlee and Verner SWA areas where the average trout is over twelve inches. There is additional access available above the CR6W bridge. Some other rivers in the area are the Michigan and Illinois. The Diamond J SWA has six miles of access and the Murphy SWA has five miles.

How was you trip down the North Platte River?

One of the best ways to fish the North Platte river is from a boat with a guide. Tell us which service you used and how they were. Also we would love to see the big fish you caught.