White River in Arkansas follow up

by Drew

It was early June of 2012 and the same three strapping young men from my first post decided to give it another go. We spent all night getting ready for what lay ahead the next morning. I had so much fun my first time at the "honey hole", that I was like a kid on Christmas, bursting with anticipation.

I slept maybe an hour or two but then came the dawn and we were off. We hopped in the Subaru, (also known as the Drewbaru) and set sail.

We decided to rent a canoe so we would have a little more range and not be so limited to the banks of the Mighty White. I have been on the water my entire life, so naturally I was in the back steering the watercraft.

John and Sandy started off strong, each catching 3 or 4 a piece in the first 6 hours. I wasn't having the same luck however. I had a downright crummy attitude during these first few hours.

But then I had a vision. A vision of Jesus. A vision of Jesus telling me something. A vision of Jesus telling me something I needed to do. What did he tell me to do you ask? He told me to "cast your net's to the other side". It was very similar to the John 21:6 verse in which Jesus said to "cast your net's to the other side". My two friends weren't as "faith based" as I, so they couldn't see him.

I thought it was strange that he told me to cast my net to the other side when I had a fly rod and some top water bean dip flies. But I was out of options, so I tried. I inserted a pinch of the finest tobacco known to man (Grizzly) and trusted that God knew what was best for me and how I could persuade John and Sandy to pray for things they want and trust that God would give them whatever they asked for.

What do you know? I found my honey hole that morning and my net was full of fish. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we joked, and we dipped.

Later that night we went to South Church in Fayetteville and fed 5,000 men with 2 fish and a loaf of bread. It was great to fish with friends, see Jesus in a vision, and perform miracles myself.

But the moral of the story is to never give up. A bad day of fishing can change at any minute and because of that we were able to be a blessing.

Fish on

- Nelson

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