St Vrain Fly Shops in Longmont and Lyons, Colorado

St Vrain Fly Shops in Longmont:

1. Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop

10675 Ute Highway
Longmont, CO 80504-9737
(303) 772-9110

Tues-Thurs: 9:00-6:00
Fri-Sat: 8:00-6:00
Sun: 10:00-3:00

The Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop is located on the northwest corner of Highway 287 and Highway 66 in Longmont. This shop has a large selection of flies, tying materials and anything else you need. The staff knows their stuff and stopping in might give you that extra edge you need to fool the fish today.

2. South Creek Limited

415 Main Street
Lyons, CO 80540
(303) 823-6402

Mon - Sat: 8-4:30
Sun: closed
Note: call ahead before you stop in, they might have decided to close up shop adn head to the water.

South Creek ltd is a custom Bamboo rod builder with a good selection of previously owned rods for sale. Some of the flies he offers are tied by A.K. Best and are finely tied. If you lost your tippet then the Laughing Grizzly is where to stock up but be sure to stop in at South Creek Ltd. Mike and Kathy have a true passion for the sport and always makes a person feel welcome.

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