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Rocky Mountain National Park Hikes

Rocky Mountain National Park hikes has 355 miles of trails. They range from flat lakeside strolls to steep mountain peak climbs. If you are new to the park, consult with rangers at the visitor centers before embarking on your adventure.

As you plan your hike, keep in mind that park elevations range from 7,500 to over 12,000 feet. Even very fit individuals coming from lower elevations may experience altitude problems. Symptoms include headaches, shortness of breath, insomnia and rapid heartbeat. After a few days your body will have made some physiological adjustments to higher elevations, but full acclimation may take weeks. To minimize symptoms drink plenty of fluids, avoid alcohol, don't skip meals and get plenty of rest.

Pack a day pack every time you head into the park. Some of the items I pack besides my fishing gear:

1. Rain Jacket
2. Water
3. Water Filtration
4. Lunch
5. Extra Snack
6. Sun Screen
7. Bug Spray
8. Small First Aid Kit

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