Pack Fly Rods

When I go for a backpacking trip or even for a day hike, I have several pack fly rods to choose from. My favorite rod is an 8' 6" - 4 weight, two piece rod. It does not fit into my little car well and there is no way to strap it to the backpack. This rod only comes with me when I am heading to my local fishing hole. It was one of my first rods and now does not get fished as much for the convenience of a 4 piece rod.

Here are some of the different options to choose from.

4 piece rod

Most fly rods these days are four piece rods. You might find a two piece for cheaper but in the long run you will be happier with the smaller rod case.

A 9' rod broken into four pieces is under 30" long inside the case. This makes it easy to get through security at the airport and to keep in your trunk. I also bought cases that allow you to keep the reel on the rod during storage. That way your outfit is always ready to go!


For my birthday I wanted to try something different. I had read a few articles on Tenkara fishing and was curious to try it. It seems like the perfect fit for high mountain fishing. It starts under 20", comes in a hard case and does not require a reel. The rod I got telescopes to 12' long and has a 10 1/2 foot line. I have yet to use it so I will post some pictures when I break it in. You can buy the rods in the NoCo Stor.

Top of Pack Fly Rods
Casting a fly rod