Miracle Mile North Platte River

miracle mile, Wyoming

Miracle Mile North Platte River offers easy access and the chance at some big fish. We had to check it out to see what all the hype was about so we stopped on our way back from Grey Reef. After chasing big fish with a boat it felt strange being in the river again.

The easiest way to get to the river is from the town of Medicine Bow from Highway 287. Seminoe road is dirt with steep grades and sharp turns.

The river is 5.5 miles from Kortes dam to Pathfinder Reservoir. This area has lots of camping and is open to the public. This was a nice change from Grey Reef where we were never sure if we were allowed to drop anchor. It is a very scenic canyon and is worth staying for a day or two. Seminole reservoir offers a lot of other recreation including water skiing and some fine lake fishing. Several years ago I caught the biggest carp I have ever seen while fishing from the shore.

As for the fishing it is said that there is about 2000 fish per mile and that the average size is over 16 inches. When we went the river was running high and muddy, everyone we talked to said they had to work hard for every fish. We had no luck but this some of this probably had to do with the three hours of sleep we had total in the last several days.

The report I heard before I went was that Flashback Pheasant Tails and San Juan worms are in sizes 12-18 work well. I would also check the current river conditions from St. Peters Fly shop and Grey Reef Fly Shop before heading to the river.

Top of Miracle Mile North Platte River
Fishing the North Platte River