Middle St Vrain Creek:

St Vrain Glacier Trail to Riverside

Middle St Vrain Creek begins in the Roosevelt National Forest with the St Vrain Glacier trail running parallel back to FR 114 for about 3 miles. FR 114 leading up to the trail is a serious 4X4 road, I thought I would just take my Suburban up there but there is no way it would make it. To get to the trail follow Buchanan Pass trail for about 5 miles making for a 16 mile round trip. I plan on backpacking into the area next summer on an overnight trip, to find my way to the headwaters.

The area lies in the Middle St Vrain travel zone where camping, day hiking, and livestock are permitted. Open campfires are not allowed only camping stoves. Visit the Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance page for more information

Just below this area is Camp Dick and Peaceful Valley Campgrounds which are right next to the river offering 58 spaces between the two areas. The spaces are $17 dollars a day and $20 for oversize.

As the river leaves the area it follows highway 72 for a while until you see the turn-off for Highway 7. The middle creek meets up with the south creek east of Riverside with both rivers offering good access for small to medium trout. I took my 4 weight rod with me on this trip and it was a little much for these trout.

Top of middle st vrain creek