Fly tying patterns instructions

When I first started tying I was always looking for fly tying patterns instructions. First I watched the video that came with my tying kit. Then I bought a couple of books to increase the number of patterns I had recipes for. From there I looked at websites, YouTube and magazines for other new patterns. I found that working out of a book was much easier than watching a video. With a video if your not fast enough or need to see something again you have to rewind the movie. Also having a place where you can tie and watch a movie might be difficult. Here are some of the resources I have found helpful over the years.


The first book I purchased was Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris. I especially like the way the Elk Hair Caddis is tied in this book. You use the wire to tie down the hackle, which makes the fly very durable.

The next was a book from Orvis. This book has almost every pattern you will ever need. All the other books I own were found at a discount or recommended by friends and have added to my tying library.

Another great place to find new fly patterns is in fly fishing magazines and websites.


The first website I found was Charlie's Fly Box, The recipes are easy to follow and printable. After I found a recipe I like, I print it out and keep it in a folder on my tying desk.

The next site is Fly Tying Magazine, this site has fly recipes but no videos to watch.

The third is the website for fly fisherman magazine. This site has slow moving pictures which are easier to see than a running movie.

Check back as I find new resources for fly tying.

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