Fly Tying Equipment

It took me a long time to find the fly tying equipment that I use today. I have tried several vices, many different scissors and bought lots of accessories to help clutter the tying desk. I think the most important piece of tying gear is you scissors.


They need to feel comfortable in the hand for a long period of time and stay very sharp. These scissors are made by Dr. Slick and have adjustable handles. They are also serrated which help hold the material in place while you cut. They retail for around $16 from Cabelas.


The next tool is a bobbin and you will need several of them. Each time you want to use a different color thread or wire you will have to re thread it through the bobbin. If you have several bobbins you can just leave the most common tying threads on and keep moving. A ceramic bobbin is easier to work with but is a little more expensive. I think you break the thread less with ceramic which will alleviate a lot of headaches. This one is made by Griffin and retails for 12.99. There is even a bobbin out there that winds back up by automatically.


The final piece of gear for the moment is the vise. I have a Peak vise which is made in Loveland. It is a rotary vise and it makes tying easier when you can move the fly. I originally had a vice that clamped to the table but my wife was not to keen on where I could attach it. This retails for $149 and has lots of available accessories.

The list of tools is endless and I will add more so check back often.

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