Fly Tying Classes

We believe fly tying classes should be more about developing skills and techniques rather than learning to tie a particular pattern.  Understanding the intricacies around various materials and their uses, hook types, color variants, and tool use provides a much higher value to a new tier than a walk-through on one pattern.  We want to help people master the art of tying rather than one fly recipe.  After taking this class, students will be able to apply what they have learned toward any pattern and continue their education through numerous sources like the Internet and books as they relate to specific designs.  Even beyond that, we hope that my students will be inspired to develop their own patterns, after all, presenting something new to a trout can certainly bring about a notable advantage when out on the water.

Each evening will involve 2 hours of instruction and practice during class.  Homework will be assigned and patterns for each student will be reviewed at the beginning of class. Supplies and tools for the class period will be provided, but all students will be expected to own the tools and materials needed to complete the homework assignments.  Materials and tools can be purchased before the class with prior notice.

Classes will be limited to 4 people

Class will meet 4 times

Cost $150 per student

Classes Available:

Foundations of Fly Tying
Tenkara Tying
Streamer Tying

Sample of Foundations of Fly Tying Class Curriculum

Class One:

Hook types and their uses

Thread types and their characteristics

Attaching the thread and using a whip finisher

Tying the Zebra Midge

Assign Homework – 10 Zebra Midges


Class Two:

Homework Review and Feedback

Determining variations and when to apply them

Tying the Pheasant Tail Nymph and variants

How to utilize dubbing effectively

Tying the Hares Ear Nymph and variants

Assign Homework – 10 PH and 10 HE (variants)


Class Three:

Homework Review and Feedback

Review hair types and their characteristics

Review standard hackle types and their uses

Tying the Elk Hair Caddis and variants

Assign Homework – 10 Elk Hair Caddis (variants)

Class Four:

Homework Review and Feedback

Working with foam and other synthetics

Attaching materials – Tips and Tricks

Tying the Chubby Chernobyl

Fly tying Classes

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