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Even Guides Like to be in Fly Fishing photos

Zen Fly Fishing Gear in January 2015 hosted the Tenkara Winter Series to keep the excitement alive through the cold winter months. We brought artists and presenters together to spread the word on tenkara and to raise money for the Big Thompson River restoration projects. Our first presenter was Paul Vertrees, the head tenkara guide for RIGS fly shop in Ridgeway, CO. We were lucky enough to get out on the river together, share some stories and catch a few fish on this cold afternoon in January. We started at Gateway Park and headed up the north fork of the poudre. We slowly hopped each other as we moved from hole to hole. I always find it fun to fish with another angler, just to observe how they approach the river and make their fly selections. Paul was was using several different kinds of killer bug patterns and was having good luck with them. I on the other hand was feeling like a fish out of water and was having a hard time getting into my rhythm. Every cast felt a little off and every fly in my box felt wrong to use. I was also worried about how things were going with the series setup and could not get my head in the game. Have you every had a day like that? No matter what I changed to or what other gear I tried, I just don't think it was meant to happen for me that day. I finally just enjoyed watching Paul catch fish and knew that it was even better for him to have some simple time on the water.

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