A Fly Fishing Glossary
For All The Terms and Lingo

When you're asking questions you need to be sure you have the right words to use. Th fly fishing glossary will be where all the new terms and lingo will be made clear. Keep checking back as I will be adding more all the time.


Arbor - The center part of a fly reel. Sometimes used to describe the type of reel ( a large arbor reel causes less loops in the fly line)


Back cast - the part of the cast where the line is above and behind the casters head.

Backing - The line that is put on before the fly line to fill the reel because fly line is between 90 and 105 yards long. A fish that went "in to the backing" means he pulled all your fly line off and is probably big.

Bamboo - The first and most expensive material to make fly rods out of. The rods are made by splitting the bamboo and gluing the pieces together.


Caddis - a moth like insect found in all the river in Northern Colorado. The caddis has three stages that a fisherman will be interested in: larva, pupa and adult. The most commonly used fly to imitate the adult caddis fly is the elk hair caddis.


Drift - this is when you fly floats in or on the water at the same speed as the current, also called a dead drift.


Emerger - this is any insect that is changing from a nymph to an adult. Most emergers are fished in the surface film and trout go out of their way to eat them. This stage is the most helpless and if they get stuck half way they are considered a cripple.


False Cast - a false cast is when the cast has the line in the air but does not want to complete the cast. This is used to dry off flies, move or release more line.