Fishing Apps
on your phone or web 

I love technology and I am always looking at fishing apps on the web and on my android phone. There are apps to log your catches, share pictures and even keep track of conditions. Most of the apps come out for the iPhone first but it eventually makes it way to Android. Here are some of the apps I have used.

Phone Apps

The first program I tried is Currently this application is only available for the iPhone, but information can also be entered on their website. It lets you give a description of the fish and includes time of year, water conditions and fly and hook size. You can also post a picture of your catch and mark the area on a Google map.


The second app I have used is the Orvis Fly Fishing app in the Android market. The publisher is Green Mountain Digital and you can purchase it for $14.99. The upside is you get a $10 gift certificate to Orvis when you buy the app. The down side is after I downloaded the videos I have not use it much.

The app has a lot of information on flies, knots and the river conditions which are posted by Orvis outfitters. It includes river conditions all over the US but I use it mostly for the podcasts. It has them all in one spot and they are easy to download and listen too. For the most part I think it was a little high priced but is well made.

Animated Knots

Both a website and an android app, is the perfect website to use while practicing you knots at home. The android app costs 9.99 and is a memery hog at 34MB but worth it if you phone has the storage for an app that big.

Top of Fishing Apps