big T brown

by craig keeton

Took my 13 year old nephew up to the big T on 4-18 and had a great day. He has been my fishing buddy for years and best buddy, we hike to high alpine lakes in the summer and do pretty good. But when we hit the T the other day it was crazy good I didnt land any fish! and he was having trouble with his fly rod and he said "I GIVE UP, IM DONE". I got him hooked back up and his next cast WHAM he lands a monster brown. He was so happy we didnt leave for hours. So hope you enjoy that and thanks to Bryon and Marty at ELKHORN rod and reel in Loveland for the great rods they are the best you can get and the help with what flies to use. thanks guys Craig Keeton and the big T king Clayton McCall

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