Best Fly Rods

When I first got into fly fishing I was always looking for the best fly rods for the price. Even after years of fishing I still come back to the same manufactures I started with.

My first rod was a Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) rod. Their signature series rods range is just over $100 and still have the lifetime warranty. I have several of these rods and they have never let me down. My TCIR X 9' 5 weight rod goes with me on every trip, and it has thrown stoneflies and trico's alike.

Below are my suggestions for a first rod combo.

The Trout Stalker™ combo is the best combo available for the beginning fly fisher! Complete with 4 Piece Graphite Fly Rod, Disc Drag Aluminum Fly Reel, Floating Fly Line, Leader & Backing plus Rod/Reel Tube… all in one package! This package retails for 199.99 and is on sale now for 175.99.

Available now at The Fly Gear Shop!

Our Halcyon™ (HAL-see-uhn) series fly rods feature durable & proven IM-6 technology. With a moss-green matte finish, a glossy/woven graphite insert and window aluminum reel seat, these rods rival those that cost twice as much! Paired with your choice of Stone Creek reels, this combo will serve you for years to come without the need to upgrade.

Available now at The Fly Gear Shop

It is TFO's Series One rod, paired with Cabela's Three Forks reel. It comes with Scientific Anglers GPX fly line which is a $70 line and Cabela's is offering free shipping on orders over $99. This combo is a great deal at $170 but it is a two piece rod.

This rod is available from Cabela's

They key thing to remember is to get what you feel comfortable spending the money on now. The best fly rods are the ones you love to fish with. Technology will continue to improve and rod prices will drop. Don't get something that you will be frustrated with every time you fish with it. Want to know more about what goes into a fly rod? Check out fly rod reviews.

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