A trip to remember: East Inlet Trail

by Jeff Stoddart
(Grand Junction, CO)

The Group

The Group

The Group
Adam relaxing at lunch
The big one!

Well it started out kinda slow. Just a hint, if the rest of your party is running late walk up the trail and fish. I had cell phone service and they could have just called when they got there. Any way on to the trip.

I did stop by a new fly shop in Grand Lake. I forget the name but it was on Grand Ave. just west of Vine street. The girl was very nice and gave me a few good pointers on what was working and what wasn't. The local patterns were slim pickings but what do you expect from a new shop. The prices were about $2 each so get your run of the mill at home. Over all I say stop on in. She seemed to be in it for the fun and is one of the first shops I would just stop in to chat and get the same service as someone who was going to drop $700.

On to the trail head I went. While I was sitting in the parking lot (for 3 hours Note: Make sure you know where to pick up a back country permit for the Park.) waiting for the rest of my group I noticed that there were a lot of people coming and going. I thought to myself "Great, no privacy on this trip". When my group finally got there we headed in.

The trail was about 2 miles to the camping spot. It took a few minutes of walking through waste deep vegetation to really find the spot that was going to be home for the next 2 nights. It was a very nice spot, off the trail and some trees around to give shade. Once again we were pretty close to the river.

Upon setting up camp we hit the river. The water was shallow and cool, and felt wonderful on the feet after the hike. Don't worry about waders on this trip. The water is about ankle deep and fairly slow. There are some larger pockets but they can easily be reached from the shore.

The fishing was good. Now mind you that these are not the mind blowing, record size fish for anywhere, but the amount (approximately 40-50 in one day) will make even the novice fisher like myself feel like a rock star!

Although there were numerous people on the trail and in the parking lot I don't recall seeing a single person fishing all day. If I remember right Adam saw one group of two the whole trip.

This is bear country so make sure to bring a bear keg. They are free to rent in some store over in Estes Park, and if you send an e-mail to nocoflyfishing I'm sure he'll tell you the name. Don't leave your food out during the day. We had a fox come into camp and ran off with my 1 lb bag of jerkey!

On the hike out it hailed on us once again. That's 2 for 2, so I am now blaming Adam and not Tony!

Just a little side note: Everyone's gotta dig a hole and take their first poop in the woods eventually. Congrats Aaron and Adam it will happen sooner or later.

Over all the trip was great.
Good things:
1. It may not seem like it at first but there was no one else around.
2. There are multiple choices for places to camp. From designated sites to go where you want.
3. This stream make even the beginner feel like a rock star.
4. The trail is not difficult. It has a few steep spots but over all it was pretty mild.

Bad things:
1. Don't wait around for 3 hours for your friends. Hike up the trail or go to the lake and fish.
2. Don't leave your food out where animals can get to it.

And that's about all. I think this is the place to take the future brother-in-law next year!

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Sep 07, 2010
Looks like a fun trip
by: Anonymous

To bad it started out so slow. Catching so many fish can make anyone feel like a rock-star.

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